Enerpac rental T&C

Enerpac rental

1. Purpose

1.1 This agreement regulates conditions for renting machines, equipment and more from Hydraulikteknikk AS (Lessor). If other conditions are to apply than those appearing in this agreement, these must be recorded in writing and included in a separate agreement document where these lease terms are attached and form part of the lease terms.

2. Rental period

2.1 The rental period begins from the date the equipment is sent (Delivery date) from the Lessor's address until the equipment is returned to the same address (Return date).

2.2 The minimum rental period is 4 days, unless otherwise agreed.

3. Rent payment

3.1 The rent is calculated after a 7-day rental week. The rent after is invoiced every 4 weeks, unless otherwise separately agreed. Upon handing in the equipment, a final invoice will be issued for the remaining rental period.

Any assembly and disassembly of equipment for a package is covered by the tenant outside of the agreed rent.

 The condition of the machine upon receipt

4.1 Unless the Lessor has received written notification to the contrary within three (3) working days of the delivery date for machines on site or completion of installation of machines on site, all machines shall be deemed to have been delivered on time and in accordance with the Lessee's wishes.

Supervision and maintenance of the equipment

5.1 The rental objects must be used exclusively for such tasks and under such working conditions for which they are intended. The equipment must be treated with reasonable care.

5.2 The lessee shall, at his own expense, be responsible for and store and insure the rental equipment during the rental period and for keeping the equipment in good condition in accordance with the lessor's specifications.

The hirer must also ensure that the equipment is not used for purposes beyond its rated performance or in a way that can be assumed to cause the equipment to deteriorate (except for normal wear and tear).

5.3 The tenant must keep informed about the condition of the equipment and must not use it when it is broken, damaged or in a dangerous condition or in a condition that leads to a breach of any applicable laws or regulations.

6. Duty to return the equipment

6.1 The lessee shall have full and complete responsibility for returning at his own expense, making any final repairs that may be necessary to put the equipment in the same condition as on delivery.

7. Ownership of the equipment

7.1 The equipment is and shall at all times be the Lessor's property, and the lessee shall have no right to, claim on or share in the equipment.

The tenant must not remove or destroy any signs or markings on the equipment that show that the Lessor is the owner of the equipment.

The lessee must keep the equipment free from and free of any and all forms of attachment, enforcement, attachment, arrest, pledge, right of retention, right of security and encumbrances. The tenant must immediately notify the Landlord of such encumbrances. The Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor against all losses, damages, costs, expenses and expenses arising as a result of non-compliance with this point.

8. Routine maintenance/service

8.1 The tenant must, either himself or through an agreement, ensure regular maintenance and service during the agreement period in accordance with the Landlord's standard practice.

9. Shipping

9.1 The tenant must cover the costs of

transport of the equipment from the pick-up address specified by the Lessor
return of the equipment to the delivery address specified.10. Stoppage of operation or failure of equipment

10.1 Stoppage of operation or failure of the equipment due to ordinary use or reasonable wear and tear or the development of an internal fault in the equipment or a fault which cannot be determined by reasonable examination before the rental period begins, may, at the Lessor's choice, either:

repaired at the Lessor's expense and with as little delay as practicable, and in such cases the lessee shall not be charged from the time he notified the Lessor of the shutdown until the repair has been completed or
The landlord can replace the relevant equipment.
10.2 Other downtime or other faults can, at the Lessor's option, either be repaired or replaced at the lessee's expense.

10.3 If it is practically impossible to repair the equipment and new machines are not available, the Lessor or the lessee may terminate the lease immediately.

10.4 In the event of any downtime or unsatisfactory function of parts of the equipment, the Lessor must be notified immediately. The tenant must not attempt to carry out the repairs on their own, except if the Lessor has given express permission to do so.

10.5 The tenant cannot claim exemption from rental expenses or make claims in connection with a stoppage of operations due to circumstances beyond the Lessor's control.

11. Lessor's responsibility

11.1 Subject to other terms in the agreement, the Lessor shall assume responsibility for damage to or loss of the equipment that occurs:

before the equipment is delivered on site if the equipment is transported using transport arranged or owned by the Lessor,
when installing the equipment on site, provided that the installation is fully controlled by the Lessor,
iii. when dismantling the equipment on site, beforehand



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